Rules Of Behavior And Decorum For Online Casino Players

Most of these rules use common sense and apply to everyday life. The golden rule “Treat others as you would like to be treated” is here too. The principle at the heart of all these regulations is that of respect for the players, the dealer, the game, and yourself. Here are some illustrations that will allow you to fully enjoy your gaming experience.

# 1. Know and respect the rules

 In general, live dealers do not have the time necessary to explain the rules of the game concerned because they are subject to the pressure of time and a program. Nothing more annoying than a player who keeps asking questions about the rules and who monopolizes the time that should be spent playing. Try to master the rules of the game before you start a 马来西亚赌博网 game.

# 2. Respect the Croupier

 Most live games have a chat room where you can speak to the dealer and ask questions or chat. This does not mean that you can be rude or crude. Keep in mind that dealers must follow strict rules, and therefore you cannot ask them to do anything that breaks these laws. You can, however, take the time to greet them and thank them before or after a game.

# 3. Respect your opponents

You can also chat with your opponents in the live chat room available to you. You can chat with them but do not have the right to ask them questions about their game, exchange tips, and tricks or even criticize their playing technique. You must respect everyone’s personal space and try to pass the best possible time; you’re after all here to play.

# 4. Do not take anything personally

The live chat room has one drawback, however, that of giving you the feeling of actually 马来西亚online casino playing in a land-based casino since you can interact with your opponents and the dealer. The mood can therefore easily deteriorate if you take things too seriously. So you cannot personally attack an opponent out of the room just because you are unlucky. Keep your personal information and feelings for yourself, avoid asking your opponents about theirs, and don’t be negative.

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